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Create a website that positions you as an authority and generates leads

Our strategy is simple... we deliver the highest visual engagement with proven conversion techniques – when these two come together, everything works!

Our user-focused frameworks and data driven philosophy ultimately helps us advise and guide business owners to make the best and most profitable decisions.


Creative Web Design solutions from Edmonton

We integrate Award-Winning Website Designs that inspires confidence.

Whether you run a sole proprietorship business or a multi-national, your website’s 1st impression is everything. Unlike your business card, your website carries the customers expectations on service and quality. If you don’t inspire confidence in that moment, your clients won’t engage with you. Our job is to capture your client’s attention and direct them to take action quickly.
It's simple... when you succeed, we succeed! We work with customers who share common goals of growth and success.
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your website needs to be:

Easy to Edit

To make text and images changes to your site, you shouldn’t need any coding skills. The training your team receives will enable them to continue making changes without the help of outside experts.

Mobile Friendly

More than 60% of your audience proceeds from a mobile device. Your site will look its best even coming from a desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile.

SEO Friendly

Let us help you rank higher in Google search results. Performing well in the eyes of Google is crucial to your success.

Award-Winning Designs

A number of Web designers reuse the same templates for all of their clients, but sites with a different appearance tend to do better online. We help you craft a distinctive look.


Your content shouldn’t be one of those things that leaves people scratching their heads and wondering what you’re trying to accomplish.


When you decide to make your website interesting, you’re making a decision to make your company interesting. You’re inspired, and I’m inspired.

Fast Loading

To keep your audience happy, it is important to have an enjoyable experience from start to finish. We make sure your website is fast, responsive, and user-friendly, so you are ready to win the hearts of your audience. Your pages should load in 5 seconds or less. A few seconds of load time can make or break conversions.


Layout, design, and content should be clear and to the point. Sometimes less is more.

The Most Effective Strategies for Success

We’ve taken out the guesswork for you. With over ten years of experience in Web Design & Marketing, we integrate the best platforms and techniques proven to work for Canadian businesses:
Simple & Effective Website Design

WordPress and Joomla Platform

WordPress & Joomla are the most used platforms because of this common features:
High Level of Security
Fully Responsive Websites
Speed and Efficiency
Browser Compatibility
User-Friendly Admin Panel
Social Media Integration
And... Google Loves Them!

The Best Way to Sell Online!

shopify experts

Shopify websites are proven to work. Your customers may not realise it, but they have no doubt already purchased from a Shopify store. The familiar checkout process is proven to reduce abandoned carts and lead to more sales in comparison to others E-commerce platforms. Shopify can integrate Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Amazon, Google Shopping and more Sale Channels!
Eye-catching Design for your Website
SEO optimization website

Your website is the starting point for all of your company's growth

Your website is everything you want it to be. It's the place where consumers go when they want information about you and your company, products and services, and you have total control over what they see there.

web design faqs:

How much will it cost to design a new website?
To create your project, we need to fully understand your business, your offer, your target audience, and your goals. Only then will we be able to give you an accurate estimate.

We fully recognize that the website is just one piece of your overall business strategy. We also know that, if other crucial elements are missing from your ecosystem, you won’t get the results you expect.

Because of this, you can expect us to ask you the following questions:

-How are potential customers going to find you?
-What do your visitors want to do/see/experience when they get to your website.
-What will success look like to you after 6 months of this solution being implemented?
-Are you selling products online?
-Will your users log in to access any part of your content/features?
-Do you already have a logo?
-Any idea on how many web pages you need?
-Are we replacing an existing site? Tell us about what is and isn't working on your existing site.
-Who is writing the content?
-Do you have photography showcases your services, product, location, and/or team?
How long does it take to build a website?
To determine how long it will take to complete your project we need to consider 2 aspects:

1. Scope of the project.
2. The response time and availability of the client will be major factors in the pace of the project’s development.
What is your web design process?
Knowing what we are going to do before we do it is critical to be in the same page:

Stage 1: Industry Research—
Stage 2: Design Presentation—
Stage 3: Website Content—
Stage 4: Development—
Stage 5: Testing—
Stage 6: Launch—
Why can’t I keep the website I have and just do a redesign?
Your old website isn’t working for you. If it was, you’d be getting the traffic you deserve.
We can create a fresh and streamlined site that lends itself to easy navigation and helps you meet your objectives. Our experts can adapt your new site to the latest technologies.
Therefore, our company will always be more than happy to conduct a preliminary evaluation of your website, in order to determine whether it is possible to build upon it.
Will my website be found on Google?
SEO is integrated into our web design process, so that you can be sure your website is set up and optimized to get traffic. When you work with us, all aspects of your website are set up for efficient optimization.

We research the best keywords for your website and its title tags, meta descriptions, and headings, so that you'll get the maximum exposure possible in Google. We offer an ongoing monthly payment SEO package to guarantee that your website receives maximum search engine exposure.
Who will provide the content for my website?
We require you to supply your own content for the pages we create. We do, however, offer a copywriting service for an additional fee if you need help writing your material. Our copywriters work closely with our designers and SEO experts to ensure that your content matches the look and feel of your website and is designed to attract traffic and convert customers.
On what platform my website will be built?
Our experienced team will build your website on WordPress, Joomla or Shopify (the 3 best platforms on the market) depending on your needs and your goals.
Using these platforms for your website will provide you with the ability to customize and create a site that is appealing to your target market. Working together, we can create a site that ensures your audience not only visits but spends time reading through your content, watching videos and learning about your brand, as well as taking your site’s call to action.
Where are your designers located?
Our staff work remotely from their home-based offices.
Our CEO Martin can meet in person anywhere in Edmonton, Calgary & surrounding areas.

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