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If you’ve neglected your search-engine optimization strategy, your competitors are probably getting more traffic than you—and customers—and you’re probably not.
A great search engine optimization strategy improves your visibility on search engine results for your target audience, ensuring that you gain the greatest visibility for your website.
Our goal is to get your page to rank proudly on the first page of search engine results, increasing your traffic and boosting your sales.

seo packages include:

Keyword Research

Our keyword research generates the most popular, relevant search terms that your customers are using to search the web.
We review your competitors keywords, look at your historical Google Analytics and Search Console data. Then, we uncover hidden trends using our keyword research software.

On-page SEO

Once your target keywords are identified, we’ll submit the best meta titles and descriptions to be included on your pages. These tags are only visible to search engines, like Google, and will help to better understand what each page is about to rank higher for your target keywords.

Internal Links

By connecting different pieces of your content with internal links, you can help Google understand the structure of your website and which pages are most important and worthy of high rankings.


We provide ongoing campaigns of backlinks from authoritative sources to improve the visibility of your website. This allow us to get high quality backlinks to your website.

Ongoing Campaign Review

We periodically review your SEO campaign to look at each item in your campaign as well as your keyword rankings and website traffic sources. Then, we make changes to ensure your keyword ranking positions are improving.

Analytics & Goals Setup

To keep your site’s SEO on track, we install Google Analytics and Google Search Console on your website. This will give us all the information we need to ensure your SEO is working in the best way with the best performance.

Technical Audit

We will look at your website’s technical aspects to help determine the changes needed to improve your search engine rankings. We analyze your website thoroughly to determine which changes should be made for your search engine optimization campaign to be successful.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze competitors who are ranking better than your website in the Search Engine Results Page. We compare their targeted keywords, site structure, backlinks profile, internal links strategy, Google Business profile and website content to make sure your SEO strategy is competitive.

Monthly Check-in & Reports

The results are the most crucial component of any SEO improvement. We enjoy sharing a screen share and a report each month that shows the improvement of our search engine strategy. You will always have reports of the progress at your fingertips anytime to evaluate at your convenience.
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SEO: Full digital strategy to scale on search engines

A proper website needs proper SEO analysis from start to finish. Let us step you through your website potential and guide you on web improvements with new & unique out of the box development strategies.

search engine optimization faqs:

Which is better: SEO or PPC?
We are often asked whether search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click (PPC) advertising is the best strategy for promoting a website. They are both powerful strategies, but they are also very different and selecting one or the other depends on your particular goals.
How long will my rankings take to improve?
Generally, we’ve seen that you can see some traction within a few weeks, but this depends greatly on the difficulty of your SEO campaign and the targeted keywords. We say that it can take between three and six months for high-competition. SEO is a powerful tool that requires careful setup and takes time to achieve a measurable impact.
How often will I receive updates?
We'll send you an update to keep you informed of your campaign's progress with a monthly SEO & Google Ad dashboard reporting.
Why does SEO take time before you see the benefits?
There are many factors to consider when determining how long it will take SEO results to be visible, including the age of a business's online presence, the quality of its content, and the competitiveness of its industry. New business may take up to six months to see the results from SEO efforts. For a business with an existing online presence, results from SEO can be seen almost immediately.

Some of these factors include:
-The keywords chosen.
-The relevance of your existing content for those keyword.
-The quality of your content vs competitors who are already ranking above your website.
-The age of your domain and your website.
-User metrics (e.g. how long a user stays on your website).
-The location of your business.
-The competitors you’re up against on Google and how established they are.
-How quickly changes are implemented from the start of a campaign.
What is a technical SEO audit?
A technical SEO audit involves checking the technical aspects of your website to help improve your search rankings. It allows us to take an exhaustive look at your web development and design to determine what changes need to be made to your website in order for your SEO campaign to be more effective.
Can we add additional keywords or regions to our SEO campaign?
The SEO strategy we are using for your company has been designed to actively target keywords, services, and locations based on our understanding of current SEO trends and our broad knowledge of SEO strategy. In some cases, we have excluded certain keywords and locations because they don’t have sufficient search volume to support a successful campaign.
Where is your SEO team located?
Our staff work remotely from their home-based offices.
Our CEO Martin can meet in person anywhere in Edmonton, Calgary & surrounding areas.

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