How to sell web design services in Canada

How to sell web design services

How to sell web design services

You have a brilliant idea for a website, and you’re ready to execute it. But before you can start coding, you need to get your client on board. The earlier in the process you sell web design services, the better off both of you will be: You’ll be able to create a site that fits your client’s needs perfectly, and they’ll love having their project done on time and within budget. Here are some tips for how to successfully sell web design services from start to finish:

Successful web design services begin with proper sales planning.

Before you can begin selling, you have to plan. This involves creating a marketing strategy and budget, as well as researching your target audience. The most important thing to remember is that planning will save you time and money in the long run by helping you avoid mistakes made by other companies. Planning also allows you to become more efficient with your time management skills, meaning that any work that needs doing can be completed effectively without wasting resources unnecessarily or missing deadlines because of lack of foresight on part of the business owner(s).

Assess your client's needs to find the right solutions for them.

As a web designer, you're in the business of solving problems. It's your job to figure out exactly what your client's problem is and then provide them with a solution that solves their problem while also helping them meet their goals and stay within their budget.

To assess your client's needs, ask questions like:

  • What do they need this website for? Is it for marketing purposes or e-commerce? Do they already have an idea of what they'd like the site to look like? If so, do they have any images or designs ready? Do they have a target audience in mind or know what kind of message they want to convey through the site?
  • How big is the project? What does "big" mean for this particular project—is it about one page or hundreds; will it be hosted on an existing platform such as WordPress or Joomla; how much content needs to be added before launch; can it be done within two weeks' time frame (including design and development).

Create a plan and get your client to buy into it.

Once you've determined your goals and created a plan, it's time to get your client on board. The best way to do this is by using the "Sell Your Vision" approach—define the problem you're trying to solve before starting on a solution. The more specific you are about how their site will help them achieve their goals, the more likely they'll be able to visualize what they could look like if they were in better shape.

What if your client doesn't want to lose weight or get stronger? That's okay! You can still use this method as long as there's an end goal in mind that involves improving themselves in some way. For example: A personal trainer might set up a goal of helping clients run their first 5K race by December 1st and then follow through with training them from January through March, or perhaps someone who sells products online wants customers who visit his website for inspiration rather than just browsing products without knowing exactly which ones would work best for them (that might mean less traffic at first).

Ask questions and then listen to the answers.

To get a client to trust you, you need to show that you respect them. The best way to do this is by asking questions and then listening carefully to the answers.

This can be difficult for some people but it’s essential if you want your clients to feel comfortable with you and your business. You may find that asking questions helps your client open up more than anything else could possibly do. This can help make them feel like they have control over their situation, which will lead them toward making decisions that benefit everyone involved in the project (including themselves).

Tell your client how much time you will require and why these tasks are necessary.

You should explain to your client that as a professional web designer, you need to do certain things to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing website. This can include:

  • Researching the field of study of your client (if applicable)
  • Determining the type of business they are in and what their goals are
  • Analyzing their target audience and determining if there is an existing presence online for this same audience - if so, how effective it is at reaching them (and why)

When you do come up with your price, be sure to explain it in detail to your client.

Explain the value of your services, why you charge the price that you do and how this compares to other similar services. Also explain how they will save money, or make more of it if they work with you.

Your success depends on how well-planned your sales strategy is.

A successful sales strategy depends on four key factors:

  • You need to be clear about what you are selling.
  • You need to be clear about who you are selling to.
  • You need to be clear about how much you are going to charge for your services, and why that price is fair for the value of your work.
  • You should plan and know how long it will take to complete a project so that clients can make an informed decision before they sign on the dotted line.


Following the advice in this article will help you plan your web design services and increase your chances of success. You’ll be able to provide the best possible solutions for your clients by listening to their concerns and needs, asking questions, and then helping them understand what they need from you as a designer. Remember that when asking price questions, be ready with an answer yourself so that you don't get caught off guard during negotiations!.


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